Help Ban The Cruelty of Bullfighting!

Help ban bullfighting in the Spanish Balearic Islands – it’s up for a vote soon.
Urge Balearic politicians to stop cruel bullfighting!

Help ban bullfighting!

Thousands of bulls are tormented and killed at bullfights in Spain. This bloodsport is horribly cruel, and the majority of Spaniards agree: torture is not entertainment, and “tradition” does not excuse cruelty to animals.

Right now, we can help Spanish citizens ban bullfighting in Spain’s Balearic Islands, an archipelago in the western Mediterranean Sea.

Members of the Parliament of the Balearic Islands will soon vote on whether or not to outlaw this cruel and outdated practice. Please urge Balearic politicians to vote to stop bullfighting today!

Recently, more than 140,000 citizens added their voice to the Mallorca Without Blood campaign, led by AnimaNaturalis and CAS International, which aims to end bullfighting in the Balearic Islands. But they need your help!

Please join us in ensuring that the Balearic Islands becomes the third Spanish Autonomous Community to ban cruelty to bulls.

Thank you for everything you do for animals.


Andrew Rowan
President and CEO
Humane Society International

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