Oppose Bill No. HB 5416 Help Farm Animals against, Neglect, Abuse,Torture

From American Humane Society.

A formerly pro-animal bill has been turned into a bill that would stifle farm animal welfare reforms. As it’s currently written, the bill would create a livestock standards council filled with people who make money from factory farming. The council is designed to stifle important animal welfare reforms, like efforts to ban the confinement of breeding sows in cages so small they can’t turn around. It’s time for Connecticut to implement a ban on extreme confinement, not another bureaucratic hurdle to reform.

It’s crucial that you call Rep. Frank Nicastro (860) 240-8585 and Sen. Jason Welch (860) 240-8800 today and ask them to help stop this anti-animal effort. You can simply say “As a constituent, I hope that my legislator opposes HB 5416. The bill would create an agribusiness-stacked livestock council that would thwart attempts to make welfare reforms for farm animals.”

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