Help Get Toby Out of Sinai & to his owner U.S. Military SSgt. Clayton



Help Save Toby


SSgt. Clayton has been serving in the U.S. military for 12 years. He is currently deployed in Sinai, Egypt at South Camp. His best buddy is Toby. These two adore each other. Clayton always protects Toby – sheltering him from the violence and tough realities outside the military camp. And Toby has repaid Clayton with his devotion, his loyalty, his love. Now we have to get Toby out. Or he will die. Sinai is THAT dangerous.

SSgt. Clayton is coming home to Georgia in January. If we don’t have the funding to continue our operations in 2017, we can’t rescue dogs like Toby. Toby’s life depends on funding from donors. Supporters just like you who find a way to give as much as they can.

Will you please make a donation towards the vaccines, the flights, the on-the-ground transportation… the thousand things it takes to execute a rescue from Egypt? We have so much work to prepare for in 2017so many lives to save. There will be hundreds of other military dogs and cats to rescue, shelters-in-need, spay and neuter clinics, animals that have been horribly abused and require the care only we can give them. The money we raise this month will help us continue all our programs into 2017. This is a critical time… especially for Toby.

Our missions are more complicated – more difficult – more costly than I can easily explain. Flights get cancelled for no reason. Security requirements change several times every day. And airlines randomly alter their animal transport rules. What used to take hours can now take weeks. But if you donate right now I promise you that nothing will stop us from rescuing Toby from Egypt and bringing him to Georgia to live with Clayton.

We can make this rescue happen – together. You are a critical part of this mission. Please help us right now.

With gratitude,

Meredith Ayan
Executive Director

P.S. Please give right now, This really is life or death for Toby and so many others. Thank you for everything you do.

Note: Donations collected will be immediately put to use to rescue Toby for SSgt. Clayton. Any excess funds that remain after Toby’s rescue is complete will be used to further SPCAI’s mission of advancing the safety and well-being of animals worldwide.

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