Help Pass U.S. Senate Bill SB872 -Protect Dogs in Virginia – Call Your Representatives


SB872 being heard tomorrow

Gary Sweeney

Ashland, VA

JAN 31, 2018 — Hello supporters,

The Senate version of our bill, SB872, will be heard tomorrow. This bill is essentially the same as HB646 with a few minor tweaks. However, the weather parameters are identical.

The good news is that the Senate version has a lot of cosponsors, including a few from the Republican party. See here:

We are optimistic that the Senate bill may pass. If it does pass, it will eventually go back to the same House committee that voted to PBI. That’s the unfortunate part. But we hope that rousing support from the Senate will mean something to a few of the Republicans on the House committee.

Now, again…

Virginians, please, please contact your STATE SENATOR and ask him/her to support SB872!!! You can find your Senator’s information here:

One last thing: If this movement for a statewide harsh weather law ultimately fails, I will be working with other HSUS District Leaders in Virginia to begin pushing legislation county-by-county. In Virginia, each county has the power to pass their own laws. Obviously, a statewide law is better, but if that doesn’t happen, we still won’t give up. One way or another, we’re going to fight for Virginia’s dogs who are being left outside to fend for themselves.

Thank you for your continued support!

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