Help thousands of bullocks, ponies, & horses during Chinchali Fair

In a few short weeks, thousands of bullocks, ponies, and horses in India will be forced to haul overloaded carts to the annual Chinchali Fair. Today, you have a crucial opportunity to help marshal the resources needed so that Animal Rahat will be there to aid animals facing this grueling journey. Donate now and help ensure that Animal Rahat is there to give these animals some measure of relief.


Animal Rahat
Animal Rahat needs your support right now in order to give relief to thousands of suffering animals during the Chinchali Fair.
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Today, we have an opportunity to help animals in India who will be forced to strain every muscle pulling impossibly heavy loads—sometimes to the point of collapse—along up to 170 miles of rutted Indian roads leading to the Chinchali Fair, an annual goddess festival taking place in late February.

Animal Rahat wants to provide the thousands of bullocks and ponies making this harrowing journey with vitally needed food, water, rest, and medical treatment—can you help? Please make a gift today to support this crucial work.

Animal Rahat is hoping to carry out the following plans through the support of caring people like you:

  • Prevent as many already overworked bullocks, ponies, and horses as possible from having to make the trip at all by arranging for buses to allow people to get to the fair without using animals (Last year, Animal Rahat provided enough buses to spare more than 1,250 animals this grueling ordeal, and we hope to exceed that number this year.)
  • Publicize the bus service by hiring performers to stage street plays in numerous villages in advance of the fair in order to show how using Animal Rahat’s buses would prevent animals from suffering
  • Set up compulsory rest camps with food and clean drinking water for animals and invite travelers to stop and rest their animals
  • Post billboards along the routes to show which animal practices are punishable offenses under the law
  • Rally local police to ensure enforcement of anti-cruelty laws
  • Provide animals suffering from wounds, dehydration, lameness, or other maladies with emergency medical treatment

This bullock was one of the many who came into one of our camps during a previous fair with severe lameness. The owner knew that he should hire a truck to transport the animal home, but he didn’t have enough money. So Animal Rahat immediately treated the bullock—giving him intravenous fluids and painkillers and wrapping the injury to immobilize it—and hired a truck to take him home. Without Animal Rahat, this gentle soul would have been made to walk another 11 miles on a severely injured leg before reaching home!


Injured Bullock


For the thousands of animals who will need the vital help of Animal Rahat next month—and the thousands more aided by us throughout the year—please make a gift today in support of this crucial work.

Thank you so much for your generosity. Through the compassion of people like you, Animal Rahat is changing people’s minds and improving animals’ lives.


Ingrid Newkirk

P.S. With the Chinchali Fair only weeks away, now is a crucial time for us to secure the resources needed for us to come to the aid of as many animals facing this grueling journey as possible. Please make a gift to Animal Rahat today, before the fair puts more animals at risk.

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