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I hope the summer is good to you. This month’s update is full of great stories about animals whose lives have taken a 180-degree turn for the better, thanks to Animal Rahat. Please enjoy the following highlights and share them far and wide!
Lakhan bottle feeding
Rosy the dog, licking Lakhan

Animal Rahat recently welcomed several new residents to our Home for Retired Bullocks. After receiving a call about a 2-week-old calf wandering around by himself near Shivthar village, we immediately sent a team to the area and quickly found him. Our staffers had no luck in finding the calf’s owner, however, and concluded that the animal had probably been abandoned by a local dairy farmer who had no use for him, wishing only to steal the milk made for him by his mother. (This is a common practice in the area.)

Our team brought the little fellow back to our Home for Retired Bullocks and named him Lakhan. His future is now bright, and as you can see, he has already made friends with one of our rescued dogs, Rosy.

Kali, rescued from Rambo circus
Bubbly, rescued from Rajkamal circus

Joining Lakhan are four horses, a pony named Kali (pictured above), and five dogs (including Bubbly, also pictured above)—all performing animals who were rescued from circuses, where they were treated abominably.

Last month, Animal Rahat was part of a large team effort—which included work by PETA India, the Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations, and other local groups—to remove the animals used in the Rambo and Rajkamal circuses. As a result, 39 animals were confiscated, including elephants, horses, ponies, dogs, cockatoos, parrots, and emus.

The animals were sent to various facilities equipped for species-specific care. Finally, they are free from the harsh circus life spent locked up in cages and pens or performing meaningless, confusing tricks under the constant threat of violence.

spay-neuter clinic
horse examination

In other exciting news, two more villages joined our spay/neuter initiative last month. Local volunteers helped us set up temporary clinics in their villages, where we sterilized 47 community dogs!

In recent months, Animal Rahat has been traveling to Mahabaleshwar, a popular tourist destination, to provide horses who are used to give rides with veterinary treatment. This past month, as soon as our vehicle showed up, all the horse owners immediately gathered around—a great sign that our services are valued. We provided tetanus vaccinations as well as treatment for various ailments, including lameness, wounds, and an eye injury. We also spoke to the owners about wound prevention and the importance of proper nutrition for their horses.

Cat with head stuck in jar
Cat after jar removed

We also helped out a cat. A volunteer informed us that this stray cat’s head was stuck in a plastic jar, rendering him unable to eat or drink. An Animal Rahat team sped to the site. After gently removing the jar, we offered the cat food, which he immediately ate. We plan to return to the village to neuter him in the near future.

Other highlights from the past month include preventing six bullocks from being slaughtered by persuading their owners to allow them to live outside their huts in peace, rather than being sent to the butcher; persuading 21 owners to build sheds to protect their bullocks from the burning sun; holding eight village meetings to promote good welfare practices such as the importance of painting water tanks with lime to prevent parasites and using harnesses instead of nose ropes; and rescuing imperiled wildlife, including the baby monkey below.

Someone called Animal Rahat about this baby bonnet monkey, who was spotted wandering about with a rope tied around his neck like a leash. After arriving on the scene, we asked local villagers if they knew who the monkey’s owner was, but no one did. Even if the monkey had an owner, it is illegal to keep bonnet monkeys as “pets.”

Rescued baby bonnet monkey
Halli village meeting to end buffalo sacrifices

After informing the Forest Department, which has jurisdiction over the management of monkeys, we caught the youngster in a humane cage trap. A Forest Department official arrived and took custody of the animal, who was then transferred to a wildlife rehabilitation facility. He is now receiving the care he needs and has the companionship of other monkeys.

Lastly, in a very exciting victory, we stopped an annual buffalo-slaughter ritual that has gone on for the past 150 years in the village of Halli. We were contacted by an organization whose mission in India is to eradicate superstitions that prevent social progress. The group asked us to help persuade Halli villagers not to sacrifice a buffalo at a religious festival.

It took lots of meetings like the one shown above, with numerous village leaders—but in the end, the village promised to forgo this year’s buffalo sacrifice and to ban it from now on!

Progress like this would simply not be possible without the help of our kind supporters. Thank you for supporting Animal Rahat so that we can make a lasting impact on animals’ lives every single day.

Kind regards,

Ingrid E. Newkirk

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