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Animal Legal Defense Fund - Action Alert

The USDA is charged with ensuring the millions of animals in roadside zoos, puppy mills, and research labs across the country receive the basic care required by the Animal Welfare Act (AWA). Despite this mandate, the USDA fails year after year to fulfill its duty.

Now the USDA proposes action that could dramatically reduce government inspections of facilities like puppy mills and let the industry police itself. Under the proposal, USDA would decrease inspections at facilities that obtain certifications from industry groups (in other words an organization that represents the interests of roadside zoos could “certify” roadside zoos). These industries profit from abuse and will not be accountable to the public or the animals.

Act now and tell the USDA that you oppose third party inspections.

Take Action

Please take a few minutes and let the USDA know that you oppose third party inspections by making a comment through the regulations.gov page.

Take action today and urge the USDA to reject this dangerous plan.

For the animals,
Stephen Wells, Executive Director
Stephen Wells
Executive Director
Animal Legal Defense Fund

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