Human Saves Bear From Drowning


18 Times Humans Did Heroic Things For Animals

It can be difficult to keep motivated in the fight for animal welfare when it feels like all we see online are photos of animals saving humans. So hey – let’s flip this stereotype right round and look at 18 totally different times humans have risked their lives to save a beautiful animal. Some are shocking, yet all are beautiful – prepare to have your heartstrings tugged!

1. Man Rescues HUGE Black Bear

Image Credit: Tumblr

Image Credit: Tumblr


In Florida a massive 400lb black bear escaped and was roaming through a neighbourhood. Animal Control tried to sedate the poor bear but it managed to wander into a nearby bay and ended up in serious difficulty. The bear was unable to swim as it was too drowsy but thankfully an incredibly bystander noticed the distressed bear and jumped in to its aid! This heroic man helped tow the bear the whole way to the shore. Amazing!!

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