Inhumane Slaughter and Torture of Hens at Butterfield Foods, Butterfield, Minnesota

An HSUS undercover investigator recently documented the inhumane slaughter of hens at Butterfield Foods, a facility located in Butterfield, Minn. What we found there will appall you. Like me, you’ll wonder how this could possibly be happening: former egg-laying hens near the end of their producing days are ripped out of transport crates, roughly hung upside down by their feet and many are submerged in scalding water while fully conscious.

Chickens and turkeys represent nine out of 10 farm animals slaughtered for food in U.S. plants, but they aren’t even protected by the federal Humane Methods of Slaughter Act. That means these animals are often killed while still conscious, and don’t have the same basic protections as cows and pigs. The Secretary of Agriculture can close this terrible loophole with the stroke of a pen.

Please send a brief, polite message to Secretary Tom Vilsack asking him to grant poultry protection from the worst slaughter abuses

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