International Production & Processing Expo in Atlanta-Subject: Chickens


TODAY: Join our tweetstorm to Tyson during major poultry industry expo!

Compassion Over Killing

FEB 1, 2018 — Tweet @TysonFoods TODAY! As thousands converge in Atlanta for the “world’s largest annual poultry, feed, and meat technology exposition,” urge Tyson to be an industry leader and end crippling rapid growth once and for all. (Use our sample tweet below or click here:

This morning, major poultry industry players are meeting at the International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) to discuss the welfare of the billions of birds raised and killed for their products. But while thousands of concerned consumers have convinced major chains like Burger King, Sonic, and Panera to announce standards to reduce suffering in their supply chains, the poultry industry itself is still dragging its feet on implementing real change.

As Compassion Over Killing’s recent investigation revealed, birds in Tyson’s supply chain are bred to grow so unnaturally large, so quickly that their legs often collapse under the weight of their own morbidly obese bodies. As the largest poultry producer in the nation, Tyson has the responsibility to become a real food leader and end this crippling rapid growth once and for all!

Today, help make change for chickens a reality: Tweet @TysonFoods using the IPPE hashtag! Use our sample below or click here:

SAMPLE TWEET: Birds are bred by @TysonFoods to grow so large, so quickly that their legs often collapse under their obese bodies. Become a true industry leader, Tyson. End crippling rapid growth & keep shifting to food’s real future: plant protein! #IPPE via @TryVeg

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