International Woman’s Day Tuesday March 8th

the Jane Goodall Institute
Today, March 8, is International Women’s Day. A day when we celebrate the achievements of women everywhere — whether they are in the realm of academics, science, activism, culture, political economics, the list goes on …
Founded by one of the most iconic female scientists in history, the Jane Goodall Institute is widely known for our conservation efforts in Africa. Integral to these efforts is a dedication to improving the lives of women and girls living in communities located in our project areas. Among these efforts are our peer education program designed to keep girls in school, providing girls with academic scholarships, improving women’s livelihoods, reproductive health education/support, and family planning resources.
When the women in these communities are empowered and have access to the resources they and their families need to be healthy, their community thrives. In turn, that community is well-placed  to become better stewards for the environment and to help protect the natural resources surrounding them … including vital chimpanzee habitat.
In honor of International Women’s Day, please donate to the Jane Goodall Institute and help support these programs.
How Helping Women Saves Forests: Aneth’s Story

Aneth Robinson with one of her “rocket stoves”
For several years, the Jane Goodall Institute has been leading a campaign to help install fuel-efficient stoves throughout our project area in Western Tanzania. In the campaign we teach communities how to construct and cook with fuel-efficient stoves. This project benefits women in the target communities while at the same time decreases deforestation around these communities.
These fuel-efficient stoves use only half of the wood used by traditional stoves, so by using these fuel-efficient stoves, women are able to spend less time gathering wood and cooking and more time caring for their children or attending to other tasks. These stoves also produce less smoke, decreasing respiratory illness, and decreases each family’s monthly fuel costs. The money saved can then be used for important expenses, like school fees for their children.

A fuel-efficient stove in Aneth’s community
Aneth Robinson is a resident of the Kalinzi village, located in the highlands north of Gombe in Tanzania. She is a beneficiary of this project and has used the opportunity to better her own life and increase the health of her community.
JGI helped Aneth install a “rocket stove” in her home, a fuel-efficient stove with an exterior chimney. Aneth says that she now is able to use 66% less wood.
In fact, Aneth is so pleased with her new stove that she has begun to help other families install rocket stoves of their own. She has already helped install 150 stoves for other families in her community, and has orders for 50 more. As this project grows, with Aneth’s help, the demand on the forest for fuel will decrease dramatically. In fact, Aneth has even started her very own woodlot, growing trees to be used for fuel.
Not only is this project improving the lives of women like Aneth, it is also saving the forests chimpanzees rely on. Please help us support programs like our fuel-efficient stoves project by donating to the Jane Goodall Institute today.
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