It’s Not Cool it’s Cruel – Dog Fighting Rings – Shame on us Humans!

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When Daijon was found on the side of the road, his injuries were so severe that they thought he was hit by a car.

Upon closer inspection however, it was discovered that the broken legs, shredded ear, oozing wounds, and defeated look were not from a car, but much worse…Daijon had lived a tortured life as a bait dog in a dogfighting ring.

But despite the horrific injuries that made his chance of survival very slim, Daijon refused to give up. And thanks to the generosity of supporters like you, we were able to help pay for the miraculous surgeries that saved this resilient dog’s life.

Just as amazing was the fact that Daijon showed nothing but love and affection for everyone with whom he came into contact. In fact, if it weren’t for his physical scars, you’d never know that this smiling cuddler had faced so many horrors in his past.

Daijon’s happy ending truly is a miracle — but the circumstances that left him at death’s door are unfortunately not unique, and a story we at American Humane Association hear about far too often.

This holiday season, I hope you’ll help us give more animals like Daijon a second chance by making a donation today. And for a limited time, your gift will be doubled thanks to a special dollar-for-dollar match!

Today Daijon's smile goes from ear-to-ear

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Thanks to you, instead of spending the holidays unfairly chained and brutally tortured, Daijon will spend it warm and cozy, relaxing on the laps of his loving forever family who adopted him.

What better way to show your love for dogs like Daijon, and ALL of our nation’s animals, than by having your gift DOUBLED, and helping us create a more humane world?

Please, make a generous donation today and have your gift matched, helping us protect animals from abuse, and so many more through our life-saving efforts.

Thank you for being a true champion for all animals in need.

Robin R. Ganzert With gratitude,
Robin R. Ganzert, PhD
President and CEO

P.S. Remember, every dollar you give will be DOUBLED, thanks to the special matching gift opportunity — but only for a limited time. Double the impact of your support by donating today! Thank you.

* Please note that once we have fulfilled the $75,000 matching gift, any additional funds will go to all of American Humane Association’s life-saving work to build a more compassionate world for our nation’s animals and children. 

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