Ivory Kingpin Convicted in Landmark Case

AWF Newsletter August 2016
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Ivory Kingpin Convicted in Landmark Case

In an historic ruling, Kenya convicted Feisal Ali Mohammed, the godfather of illegal ivory to 20 years imprisonment. The ruling in the country’s largest ivory trafficking case signifies Kenya’s commitment to dealing firmly with transnational organized crime and sends the unambiguous message that elephant poaching and ivory trafficking will not be tolerated. The momentous verdict comes on the heels of AWF’s recent prosecutorial training, convening members of prosecutors, investigators, wildlife management officers and judicial officers to strengthen collaboration and enhance capacity to fight wildlife crime. “Kenya is moving toward a zero tolerance approach to wildlife crime and has stepped up anti-poaching efforts…to reduce elephant poaching over the past several years, ” said AWF President Kaddu Sebunya.

> Find out more about the historic verdict

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