Keeping Your Animals Safe From 4th of July Fireworks

From: Jean T. Furs

Some shelters are flooded with lost dogs after every July 4th celebration. Pet owners often report to animal control agencies that their dogs or cats took off when the fireworks started; not once thinking about what they could have done to prevent their family member from getting lost. Don’t let your dog or any other animal be one of them. Take precautions to make provisions for keeping your animals safe at home.

The deafening loud noises and confusion that come with this holiday can cause dogs and cats to become so frightened that they panic. Some may wiggle out of their collars or break free from their harnesses just to attempt to get away from the noises; if they are left alone.

Dogs and cats aren’t the only ones that become terrified from loud noises. Consider the tiny hamster, guinnea pig, gerbal, or birds in your home that have no idea this is a national holiday. They have no idea that their quiet environment is suddenly to become one loud bang after bang after bang.  There tender ears have no idea what to expect until the continuous noise begins.

If you prepare to protect them from the noises they will remain calm and safe.  If you have small animals that can be moved  into an interior room of your apartment or home you can keep windows closed but always making sure there is proper ventilation for a hot day, and a cool environment. Put on an air conditioner or fan which will help block out some of the back ground noise. If you don’t own an air conditioner try using a fan and cracking the window just enough to get some fresh air in, yet blocking out some of the noise with a fan.

If you are having a holiday celebration at home consider havng the party outside and keeping your animals inside to protect them from the unexpected party noises. Animals have extremely sensitive ears and hear things we can’t hear and things we can hear often amplified. Periodically go see if your animals are okay or shaking. This is the time to gently talk to them and reassure them that everything is okay and the noise will eventually end. Don’t let them suffer alone all day. 

Remember keeping your pet or pets safe year round is important but especially during  4th of July celebration when loud noise is a frightening factor for any innocent animals.

Don’t forget your animals love you unconditionally this is the least you can do to protect them and keep them safe. Be kind and thoughtful towards their feelings. They have feelings also.

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