Love Your Pet – Prove It

2554223So you love your pet. You get weepy eyed when you have to leave your dog, cat, or bird to go on vacation. You prepare to have someone else care for your bundle of love. Oh how you wish you could take her/him with you you say. You hire a professional pet sitter and expect that sitter to text or call you daily to see how your precious pet is doing without you.

You can’t wait to come home from work to see that loyal little face greeting you at the door with wagging tail or wide inquisitive eyes just waiting for you to open that door so they can show you just how much they missed you and slobber you with affection. Woof, Meow, Purr, chirp.

Love your Pet – Prove it! Was created for the thinking human the one that wants the best for their family member even at the end, the owners end; yet at this point hasn’t fast forwarded through to the end of their life. After reading this prepare to Prove it.

The names have been withheld and changed to protect the not so innocent humans and the ever so loyal and loving animals.

I’m a true pet lover through and through. I really care for and love the animals that I meet and care for. Why would I want anything bad to happen to these lovely creatures.

41521274My first story starts with a telephone call from the best friend of a long time customer of mine. I was surprised to hear another woman’s voice on the other end of the telephone, because it wasn’t my customer calling me to make a reservation for pet sitting it was her friend that lived on the other end of the state. She introduces herself and then tells me she needs me to care for her friends seven cats because her friend, my customer has been hospitalized with cancer. She tells me she’ll be the one to pay me to help out her friend, and I can bill her weekly.

I go to the house for my first visit and I see the saddest little cat faces that anyone could ever see. Seven little depressed faces moping around. They are missing their mommy so much. Somehow they know I’ll be around for a while because they must already know that their owner is gravely ill.

After the first week of me caring for these cats the owner passes away. I am overcome with grief for the family and her loving children, her cats. In this case which is an unusual case her family and friends come to these cats aid. Six of the cats have no current inoculations.

48106867No non-destroy shelter will accept an animal that doesn’t have an up to date rabies and distemper shot. In addition the shelters need to make sure they don’t have feline aides or leukemia which requires a blood test.

Luckily the generosity of the deceased owner’s sibling pays for all inoculations. In addition the woman who is paying my fee is also paying for all the cats holistic food.

One of the female cats badly needs dental work after being diagnosed with periodontal disease. We take up a collection and another friend steps forward who is located in the mid-west and donates $400, a neighbor donates $250 and another friend $50 in addition to my donation. The day after this female cat had five teeth pulled she was taken to her new forever home. There she will live out her life and never have to worry about losing her owner.

This deceased owner had no known will and made no provisions for her beloved cats. If it weren’t for this woman’s family and friends who stepped up to help, these cats could have ended up in the local pound and been euthanized. Three of the seven cats went to a non-destroy shelter until a forever home can be found.

Second Story:

38836171Unfortunately no sooner did one customer of mine pass that another one called me from home to tell me she was being rushed by ambulance to the hospital. She tells me that she needs me to care for her male cat of 18 years, who has kidney disease. While in the hospital she calls me daily to tell me the latest update on when she is returning home. She promises to pay me for pet sitting and asks about Mike her cat. I assure her he is doing fine and waiting her return. A month goes by and she isn’t getting better and makes her last call to me to tell me that if something happens to her she wants me to have Mike. I tell her I have five cats of my own and Mike is on special prescription food. I tell her she’ll have to provide me with a small stipend to feed her cat until he passes. She agrees and passes away without putting this in writing or telling her two grown children.

The ending of this story may surprise you but generally happens more often than not when an owner is hospitalized and doesn’t return home.

I speak to both sons after their mother dies and neither son wants Mike whom they’ve known for 17 years. I ask for help with food money for Mike, but one son tells me he has to ask his wife and never calls me back. This child tells a nearby neighbor that I’m trying to extort money from him for the cat. The other son purchases Purina Cat Chow instead of prescription kidney food for Mike when I tell him we are out of prescription food. Mike would have died a very horrible death if he was fed the Purina Cat Chow.

Two days before my customer passes I take Mike home with me because he’s alone and I fear for what the son could feed him that would get him very sick. I’m now up to six cats and Mike has kidney disease.

Neither son wanted Mike, neither son cared what happened to a cat their mother loved most; but both sons cared about what possessions their mother left them and couldn’t wait to get into the house to take those.

52010216Both have sad endings with the loss of their owners, but both stories provide lessons to be learned.
So if you love your pet like you say you do consider seriously making a will that accommodates your little loveable family member after you are gone. – Prove it and put your pet in your will and assign a guardian for the thing you say you treasure most – your pet. To do nothing might mean your beloved pet ends up with your local animal control officer with days numbered or on the streets.