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Don’t miss this opportunity to double your impact

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This unnamed elephant is pulled by a chain and threatened with a bull hook at a tourist venue in Thailand


Don’t miss this opportunity to DOUBLE your impact!

This is your last chance to take advantage of the World Wildlife Day match challenge and double your impact for suffering animals. Don’t wait, there are only hours left!

This offer ends tonight at 11:59pm EST.*

We are so grateful for the response so far, but we are still $11,860 away from our goal of $25,000. So many animals around the world, like the elephant pictured above, desperately need our help. We are working tirelessly to improve the lives of elephants in cruel venues around Thailand, but we simply can’t do it alone. Without your additional support, we will not be able to maximize the difference we can make for these suffering beings.

Please take advantage of the match challenge while you still can. The deadline is only hours away.

Please, act quickly with an additional gift. If you donate $40 it will become $80. If you donate a generous $60 it will become $120. Make an additional gift now to double your impact for animals.

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With your help, we will move closer to our vision of a world where animals live free of suffering. Thank you.

* All gifts received through email by the deadline of 11:59pm EST, March 3, 2018, qualify for the match challenge offer, up to the limit of $25,000. Gifts received after the deadline or in excess of the challenge amount will be used for the Animal Protection Matching Fund to protect animals from cruelty. Donate now.

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