Mark Ross & Niece Nicole Ross of Sonoma County, California, Killed an Innocent Animal. Punishable by Probation, Community Service & 45 days in County Jail-No Prison Time

Written by Stephen Wells, Executive Director of Animal Legal Defense Fund, 170 East Cotati Avenue, Cotati, CA 94931, 707-795-2533,

Instead of providing food and water for Skim the Excess, a magnificent racehorse, they let the poor horse wither away to nothing.

The champion racehorse was starved while the horse in the pen beside him was fully fed.  Mark and Nicole Ross starved this incredible creature to death, while keeping the horse in the next pen completely healthy.

To you and me and anyone who cares about animals, this type of abuse is unspeakably evil and truly disgusting.

But for this terrible crime, Mark Ross received probation and community service, a mere slap on the wrist for the horrific actions that ended the life of such a precious animal, while his niece only netted 45 days in the county jail-no prison time.

You and I both know that crimes like these are cruel and disturbing. And far too often, as in this case, criminals don’t truly receive justice for the heartbreaking crimes they commit against the animals that you and I care for so much.

That’s why the Animal Legal Defense Fund works to make sure that the monsters who commit these outrageously cruel acts pay dearly for their crimes. And we’re only able to be effective because of peoples support.

It’s not justice to allow abusers and killers to walk free; and that’s why our work is far from over.

ALDF has been fighting for more agressively prosecuted cases for more than thirty [30] years.

Because of support from people like you, fifty [50] states now classify certain animal-cruelty crimes as felonies-crossing this milestone never would have been possible without the generous support of so many caring people.

ALDF was able to put public pressure on the court in Sonoma County-right in our backyard here in California-but it clearly wasn’t enough to give Skim the Excess justice.  Ultimately, Mark Ross received three [3] years of formal probation and 200 hours of community service.

Animals need a voice in our legal system, states need harsher sentences for animal abusers who commit these attrocities, and we need the support of caring and compassionate people like you to help hold accountable people who abuse and kill animals.



Mark Ross & Niece Nicole Ross of Sonoma County, California, Killed an Innocent Animal. Punishable by Probation, Community Service & 45 days in County Jail-No Prison Time — 2 Comments

  1. What the hell were those people in court thinking to let those two sadistic bastards get away so lightly
    There is something badly wrong with our legal system. They deserved jail time as long as possible
    With the inmates fully informed. How anyone could hear any animal cry for food and water
    And torment them to death needs hanging in barbed wire. I do inform everyone
    I talk to about those two. And I do try and sent donations to ALDF as I can. I’ve kept your letter so
    I never forget those two in hopes I sometime come face to face with them.
    Keep up your fight bless you Ruth

    • Dear Ruth,
      Yes the judicial system is flawed. I think we have to many criminal humans to worry about killin other humans so they turn their back on humans killing animals. An eye for an eye.
      Thanks for your comment I welcome all comments.
      Write your congressmen and tell them they are falling down on the job.

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