My November Dog Story – 2015

I often wonder what situations will present themselves to me, so that I’ll be able to teach and make some pet owner think about what they should or shouldn’t do with their pet.

This week I was leaving for work after dusk and was headed down RT 229 towards Southington when I looked down at my gas gauge and realized I needed gas. I pulled into the Citco Gas Station at the corner of Redstone and Middle Turnpike and parked my car behind another vehicle. I got out of my car to pay inside the station and came back out to start pumping gas. I looked up and  could see the driver of the car in front of me parked at the pump ahead of me.  Shortly after he started pumping gas into his car I saw him open his door on the drivers side and let a small cream colored Pomeranian no bigger than a basketball jump out. I took a double take while I watched this little dog prance around between his car and the pumping stations. I decided I’d say something knowing full well this was a dangerous situation and the pet owner was oblivious to what could happen to his dog.

I said ” excuse me sir, is that your dog, to which he answered “yes”. I said ” do you realize that your dog could get away from you or wander over to where the other cars are pumping gas and could get run over because he is so small that no one would see him; nor would anyone expect to be looking for a little dog wandering around at a gas station.” He looked at me and said “oh we do this all the time, he’s fine.” I said “sir I’m a pet sitter and I can’t even begin to tell you the horror stories about animals that weren’t properly leashed and how their were hurt.”  I continued “that’s an accident waiting to happen, if you love your dog you won’t let him walk around unattended without a leash.”

Just at that moment a woman came out of the gas station and looked up to see the little dog, and looked over at me and said “is that your dog lady, to which I answered “no it’s his dog as I pointed to the man pumping gas .” I continued ” and he shouldn’t have his dog running loose around here because it’s dangerous.” She shook her head up and down and then said to the man ” is that your dog?”

I guess this was a little to much attention for this man as he realized he was out numbered and so I watched him open his car door and pick up his dog and put him inside his car as he finished pumping his gas. We were both relieved to see him put his dog back inside his car. He finished pumping gas and drove away.

When I see things like this I wonder how anyone could be that negligent as a pet owner. Pet owners should be guardians and protectors to their animals. Leaving a dog off leash and left to wander around a gas station is a very dangerous situation. This man was very lucky that nothing worse happened than meeting me and this other woman.

I ask you what do people think about or rather do they think about anything when they take their pets out with them?

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