National Puppy Day March 23 rd – Kind, Compassionate, Respectful People Wanted

For those of you who have the time to take care of an infant dog which is no different than an infant human baby please continue reading.

March 23rd is considered National Puppy Day

If you are thinking about adopting a puppy? Now is a great time if you have the time to adopt. With millions of pups seeking forever homes, adopting a shelter pup is the best and most compassionate way to bring a loving new family member into your home.  Visit to find out more.

Remember children don’t like to care for newborn humans or animals so if you have small children and don’t have the time to introduce and care for a infant dog please don’t adopt until you have that time and your children are old enough to want to help. Children like to pet and play with animals and not do the work involved, like giving fresh water and waiting patiently to walk a small puppy.

If you do adopt you will need a infant dog bed and so take a look at this. for the Love Cuddler Dog Bed from ED Ellen DeGeneres at $33.


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