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Little Fish, Big Difference

Make your voice heard! A little bit of your time would make a big difference for the ocean food web. Seven species of forage fish could receive federal protections under a new proposed rule. NOAA Fisheries is only accepting comments for the next week, so please take action today.

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5 Reasons to Protect the Bering Strait

Did you know that an estimated 12 million seabirds nest and forage around the Bering Strait? Find out more about this critically important region of our ocean.

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Become a Member

Ocean Conservancy works hard to protect the ocean for future generations. Become an Ocean Conservancy Member today and help us protect the whales, turtles and polar bears who call the ocean home.

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More Plastic Than Fish?

The ocean could contain more plastic than fish by 2050, but you can do something to stop it.

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Act Against Acidification

Find out how states from Maine to Alaska are tackling ocean acidification.

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