Oppose U.S.Bill HJR 1012 – Right to Harm Animals


OK HJR 1012—Right to Harm
ASPCA Position:  Oppose
Action Needed:  None at this time.

Update—June 2, 2015:  Unfortunately, HJR 1012 passed the Legislature and will be on the 2016 ballot for voter approval. Please stay tuned for more information about how to make sure this dangerous constitutional amendment is not adopted next year.

Oklahoma’s citizens have always had the right to place issues of importance on the ballot, which has been a critical tool to enhance protections for animals. Unfortunately, the state Legislature is now considering a measure that would strip citizens of this right and could roll back protections for animals, land and food safety.

HJR 1012, the misleadingly named “Right to Farm” measure, would amend Oklahoma’s Constitution to put in place hurdles that blocks citizens and the state Legislature from regulating industrial-scale farms, meaning farming practices may no longer be subject to important restrictions.

Enshrining the deceiving “Right to Farm” in the state Constitution would not only likely prevent voters from casting their vote at the ballot box on any issues related to animal agriculture, but would block the legislature from intervening as well. This radical means of bypassing the Legislature and the will of the people will have disastrous consequences for animals. welfare.

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