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Taken from The Humane Farming Association’s newsletter Spring 2015

Please contact your federal legislators today about the following measures.  If you need contact information go to votesmart.org, call your local library, or call the Capitol Switchboard at [202]224-3121. Thank you for helping animals.

Federal “Protect Interstate Commerce Act” [PICA] [HR 687]

This bill would prohibit states and local jurisdictions from enforcing regulations that would “interfere” with the production and distribution of agricultural products in interstate commerce.  In other words, a state could regulate the way in which an agricultural item was produced, and other states would not have to abide by such regulations when exporting products to that state.  PICA is a dangerous measure that could nullify laws protecting the environment, animal welfare, and food safety.

Action Requested: All U.S. Residents

Please ask your U.S. Representative to Oppose HR 687 by Representative Steve King [R-IA].

State Measures


Colorado “Ag-Gag” Legislation [SB-42]

This whistle-blower suppression bill would require that any person who witnesses or has knowledge of abandonment, mistreatment, or neglect of an animal must report the abuse to the animal’s owner or to law enforcement authorities within 48 hours of obtaining the information.  This precludes any chance of establishing a pattern of abuse, and thereby developing a meaningful case.  An individual found guilty of this offense would be subject to fines of up to $750, a maximum of six months in jail, or both

Action Requested: Colorado Residents.

Please urge your state legislators to OPPOSESB 42 by Senator Jerry Sonnenberg and Representative Jon Becker when it comes up for a vote.

Missouri Encourages Factory Farms Into Communities [HR-882]

HB 882 would reward counties that do not regulate factory farms. This measure would give preferences in grant money and aid from the state’s Department of Agriculture, Department of Natural Resources, and Department of Economic Development to those counties that have no restrictions or regulations on factory farms.

Action Requested: Missouri residents. 

Please urge your state legislators to OPPOSE HB 882 or any other legislation weakening local control of factory farms.

Missouri Eliminates Local Control of Factory Farms [HB 999 and SB 553]

Regulations by county health boards and county commissions have been successful in keeping factory farms out of many counties in Missouri.  These bills would deny the authority of local county health boards and county commissions to regulate factory farms and would rescind all existing local ordinances on factory farms passed by county health boards and county commissions.

These bills have been introduced at the request of large corporate factory farms wishing to expand their operations in MIssiouri.

Action Requested:  Missouri Residents.

Please urge your state legislatures to OPPOSE HB 999 by Representative Joe Don McGaugh and SB 553 by Senator Brian Munzlinger when they come up for a vote.

MIssouri Veggie Libel Bill [HB 374]

Food disparagement laws, also called Veggie Libel laws, have been passed in 13 states: Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, and Texas.  These measures enhance food manufacturers’ and processors’ ability to sue their critics for libel.  These laws have a chilling effect on free speech, as they are intended to keep individuals from making critical statements regarding the production of safety of farm products.

Action Requested: Missouri Residents.

Please urge our state legislators to OPPOSE HB 374 by Representative Joe Don McGaugh when it comes up for a vote.

Washington “Ag-Gag” Legislation [HB 1104]

This whistleblower-suppression bill would make it a crime for an individual to obtain employment with the intent to make video or audio recordings of cruelty to farm animals, without the owner’s express consent.  An individual found guilty of “interference” with agricultural production would be subject to a fine of up to $5,000, a maximum of a year in prison, or both.  In addition, a person convicted would be subject to make restitution to the factory farm owner.

Action Requested: Washington Residents.

Please urge your state legislators to OPPOSE HB 1104 by Representative Joe Schmick when it comes up for a vote.

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