Orphaned Connecticut Cats need kind,loving forever homes.


Please help us find our forever homes; here are our stories.  

Last week our mommy went into the hospital because she wasn’t feeling well. She hasn’t been feeling well for a long time but this time the people that are helping to care for us told us that mommy isn’t coming home. We miss her terribly and really didn’t get a chance to say goodbye. When no one is around we cry ourselves to sleep.  We feel lonely and scared and uncertain of where we’ll finish out our lives. Will you give us a chance and open your heart and allow us into your life and home. It might take awhile for us to get used to you and your ways, but if you are kind, patient and understanding we’ll love you unconditionally just as we did mommy.

In the beginning before our mommy took us in we were someone else’s trash. Unkind people tossed us out into the cold and refused to let us back in. Our mommy loved us from the day she saw us and gave us a warm wonderful home. We were so happy with our mommy and we can be that way with you too.


My name is Beau and I’m an older guy about 10 years old, that gets along with everyone who likes me. I’m easy going and love being loved.

I went to a non destroy shelter until someone finds me a home.

My name is Oliver and I’m 8 years old and shy and frightened right now. I loved my mommy and miss her so much. I like humans if they approach me slowly and gently and give me time to get to know them. I went to a non-destroy shelter until someone finds me a home.
My name is Oscar, no one knows how old I am because I just wandered around and lived on the streets until I found mommy.   I’m full of life and a rough and tumble type of affectionate guy. I need to be in a house where I’m the only cat or with a lady cat who will accept me.  I learned to get along and socialize with all my brothers but it took a year of time out before I learned to love and play with them, and now I love them all and am a very good boy. I am very affectionate and love attention. I have been adopted.
My name is Mitzi and I’m 3 1/2 years old. I just love my morning naps and consider myself a couch potato.  I’m the quiet type that doesn’t cause any trouble at all; if you are just gentle and kind with me. I have been adopted.

My name is Angel and I’m 5 1/2 years old. Mommy rescued me from a dangerous life outdoors when I was crying under a shed and couldn’t get out. I’m a good girl that is trying to live up to my name but might be just a little more mischievous than most angels. I went to a non-destroy shelter until someone finds me a home.


My name is Chloe and I don’t look my age whatever that is because no one really knows.  I am a shy and frightened little girl right now.  Under normal circumstances I’m relaxed and loving. Please be patience and kind to me and I’ll come around. I have been adopted.

My name is Shakespeare and I’m 17 1/2 years old. I’m the oldest member of our family. I’ve been adopted by my pet sitter but I wanted my picture taken anyway and wanted to be on the internet. I’m to old to make waves and will miss my sisters and brothers when I finally leave mommies home. I’m lucky someone has taken me in.

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