Pass the PAST ACT to End the Cruel Horse Practice of Soring

written by The Humane Society Legislative Fund 9-6-2014

Soring” is when trainers deliberately inflict pain-using caustic chemicals, sharp objects, chains and other cruel tactics-to exaggerate the high-stepping gait of their horses and gain unfair competitive advantage at horse shows. The Prevent All Soring Tactics[PAST] Act would amend existing federal law to end the industry’s failed system of self-policing, ban the use of devices implicated in the practice of soring, strengthen penalties and make other reforms needed to finally end this torture.  The PAST ACT has the bipartisan support of more than 350 House and Senate co-sponsors.

It Hurts, Make It Stop Now


His feed are burned with chemicals, His hooves are injured intentionally.  Each step he takes hurts, and it forces him into an exaggerated gait just for show.

Tennesse walking horses have been victims of “soring” by their trainers for more than fifty [50] years. The Prevent All Soring Tactics [PAST] Act will finally stop this abuse, but we must act now.

In Connecticut call Democrat Senator Richard Blumenthal [202]224-2823, and Democrat Senator Chris Murphy [202] 224-4041 and Republican John Larson [202]225-2265, and ask them to pass the PAST Act.

Please make a brief, polite phone call to your U.S representatives and two U.S. Senators to put an end to soring.  Look up your legislators’ numbers.  You can say: “I’m a constituent and urge you to make sure that the Prevent All Soring Tactics[PAST] Act, S. 1406/H.R. 1518, comes to a vote.  Please support this important legislation and do all you can to get it enacted immediately. “This is the only bill that would require more meaningful enforcement by the USDA to finally end the cruel and abusive practice of soring Tennessee walking horses and related breeds.”

Calling is so important.  Please do not skip this crucial step.  Then, personalize and submit a letter to send a follow-up message.  


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