Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue

Innocent donkeys are cruely mistreated just like other animals.   Donkey’s are thoughtful and loyal animals. When donkeys are abused they don’t run it’s not in a donkey’s nature to run. We aren’t exactly sure why. Maybe it’s something his donkey ancestors learned in the deserts of Africa… Or maybe it was  a trait learned during the long voyages in the depths of a Spanish Galleon on its way to the Americas… Or just maybe it was loyalty to the people who once loved the donkey.

The story of Floyd: Floyds family loved him – at least that’s what we were told.  But, as happens with many donkeys… when his family sold their house and moved Floyd was left behind –like a bag of trash or a rusting swing set.

The company that bought the house didn’t care about Floyd.  All they cared about was whether they got their rent on time.  Neighbors were devastated by the group that moved in.

Lowlifes – that’s how the police referred to them. But… that description can’t even begin to describe how very low these humans were.

They made a sport out of beating Floyd — over and over again with a 2×4 board. Sometimes 3 or 4 grown men would climb on Floyds back causing his legs to buckle under their weight. Then they’d kick him until he stood back up.  And at night…when they were drunk… They’d throw beer bottles at Floyd.  The glass crashing on the innocent little donkey’s face and body.

Neighbors, too intimidated by these lowlifes to say anything personally– repeatedly called the County.  But officials said they couldn’t do anything unless they saw the abuse in person.

And it wasn’t until these lowlifes [bad guys] finally got caught with drugs that the police were able to arrest them and find help for poor Floyd. That’s when they called Peaceful Valley.

I’ll bet, although you love animals, you laughed a little when you saw this letter was from a donkey rescue.  I’ll bet you’ve never thought about donkeys and why they urgently need your caring support. I’ll explain.  But first, let me tell you more about Floyd’s rescue. 

We drove 10 hours to get Floyd from the Oregon Veterinary Clinic where authorities had taken him.

When I asked the veterinarian what treatments, vaccines or tests he’d done-he looked at me in utter disdain and said:  “What difference does it make?. It’s a donkey!”

But my heart truly broke when I saw Floyd in the holding area. People had betrayed him time and time again. Floyd had given up- his spirit seemed broken.

It took just a few minutes to coax Floyd into our trailer. He seemed anxious to leave.  Maybe it was the other donkeys we already had in the trailer, maybe he was ready for a friend…

If you are a neighbor and witness someone who is abusing a donkey please report the abuse to animal control or your state Department of Agriculture. Don’t allow abuse to continue. Innocent animals wait for abuse to stop and sometimes it never does. Sometimes it stops with their death.

People are extremely cruel to animals and this is unacceptable. This is as unacceptable as it would be to do this to a child or an adult. 

Help Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue @ with a donation of your choice so that they can rescue other helpless donkeys from abuse. Thank you from Mark Meyers.




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