In Loving Memory

Dear Friends,

When someone dies, the grief we experience can be overwhelming. As we mourn, we look for ways to ease the pain.

Dave & Kim Breen on 

In memory of Fiona 8/2014 : Fiona was our rescue after 9/11. She was 8 months old when pet rescuers found her left abandoned, tied to a pole on West 23rd St, NY, NY. All the shelters in the city were full, so they brought her to Wood bridge, CT for pet adoption. Although we didn’t know her story until after we walked with her & decided to adopt her. Months later we received a letter from the pet rescuers who found her, telling us how happy they were to hear that Fiona found a home in the country. Fiona was an awesome dog right from the start & earned many loving nicknames like Big Girl and My Brown Eyed Girl. She gave us a blissful 14 yrs and we are grateful to have had her in our lives. She is missed very much by us, Fenway and all that knew her. RIP Big Girl.

Jean Furs & Gordon Family on 

In memory of Tom Furs who passed away at 4:29 p.m. on Sunday November 9, 2014 after a long battle with kidney disease. Tom died at home peacefully surrounded by his family, while under in home Hospice care. Tom or more affectionately called Thomas was a stray cat of ours that was being fed by a former employer of Jean’s in Woodbury, CT when she first met him in 2001. Tom and Molly [his female companion] were not approachable even after a year of being fed. When I first met Tom our eyes met and we had an instant connection. Tom was a very handsome young male with striking deep gray and white colorings. His eyes were large and green. He used to watch me intently when I started preparing food for him and Molly to eat outside. Molly was more feral than Tom and they never came indoors. One day after months of daily feedings I opened the door and in ran Tom and he waited for me to put his plate down. Tom ate his food indoors that day and wanted to remain inside. I walked to my desk and sat down. Tom followed me and with one leap jumped into my lap and remained there all day watching me type. From then on he was my cat, he didn’t trust anyone else in the office. I took Tom and Molly home and we had Thomas for 14 beautiful and memorable years. Molly passed away soon after us bringing her home from feline Leukemia. Some of the things Tom liked to do. He loved to go outdoors and watch me garden while he sat in the grass to sun himself. He was a true gentleman and greeted every new friend or acquaintance at our door. Until his diagnosis of kidney disease several years ago Tom was mostly a silent observer. After his illness he became more verbal. Tom was extremely intelligent, sensitive and kind hearted. He was a loyal friend that will be missed by all of us. We were so blessed to have Thomas a part of our lives and we will never forget him. We look forward to meeting him on the other side when it’s our time to leave. Until we meet again Thomas we love you.


Jean Furs & Gordon Family on December 7, 2014

Charlie Narbutas Furs our cat of nineteen [19] years, passed away on Sunday November 30th at 8:39 p.m. at home under in home Hospice care.  Charlie had a multitude of health problems including anemia, pancreatitis and kidney disease and he fought hard not to leave us.

Charlie was a thin black and white cat with a black marking on his chin that looked like a goatee.  Charlie had beautiful expressive eyes.  He was often mistaken for our cat Tom because of  his markings which annoyed both cats to no end.

Charlie came to us a little over three years ago when my friend Walter who was terminally ill asked me to take his cat and dog before he passed away. Charlie was a sweet boy who loved to sit in the recliner in my mom’s room; which is the warmest room in the house.  He also loved to sit on the lap of anyone who was in that recliner.  Charlie was an outdoor cat when he arrived and it took him awhile to obey the rules of the house and not try to dart out the door to get outside.  We did let Charlie out in our fenced backyard when someone was out there with him.  It was during those times that Charlie was at his best romping and rolling around in the grass.  His long legs helped him stay ahead of us when we tried to bring him indoors.

Charlie was quite the loveable ladies male and often tried to make friends with our two females even though they were many years younger than he was.  Our female cats would often run and hide but that didn’t stop Charlie from pursuing them.  Charlie was a gentle, highly intelligent sweet guy who will be missed by all of us.  Charlie needed to leave us so that he could be reunited with his original family.  His brothers Bosco and Leon and his sister Daisy along with his original owner Walter were waiting for him to arrive.  Charlie we miss you lot and think of you daily.

Jean Furs on August 5, 2016 

Vivian was our parakeet. Vivian came to us from an aviary after having some health issues and unable to hold up her head or fly.  Vivian was a sweet shy girl who loved her millet, fresh broccoli and romaine lettuce. After a year of taking her vitamin B12, selenium and vitamin E Vivian showed signs of recovery and was able to fly.  Vivian passed away one night from what the doctor thinks was a heart attack. We found Vivian in her cage near her favorite cuddle bone with her eyes closed. She leaves Peter her companion and protector. Vivian will be missed by our family who loved her for her sweet, loving and amusing ways.  Vivian is buried in our backyard.

Shirley Schultz on January 16, 2017

In memory of Princess Schultz January 16, 2017. Princess was the best girl. As a black Scottish-Terrier she stood about 16 inches from the floor but her kind disposition and big smile greeted those who came to our home with a much taller presence.

Princess was a rescue that our family took in from the Humane Society of Connecticut. They told us she was about three [3] years old at the time of her adoption.  She was always a loving, gentle and patient companion. I often set up the kitchen to give her a Scotty haircut and often times it took me an hour or more to trim and cut her hair. All during this time she would sit patiently when I asked her to sit and stand ever so still when I asked her to stand until her haircut was done. She never complained and she seemed to understand that I was doing this to give her a beautiful Scotty Dog haircut.

Princess liked to play with the many toys in her basket and especially the squeaky ones. She loved to chase the squirrels in our fenced in yard and spend many hours outside in the fresh air in her younger years. She truly was a happy dog. The only thing that ever made her somewhat sad was when we had company and they got ready to say goodbye and leave; she never liked this and although she greeted them when they came to visit, she never walked them to the door because she didn’t want them to leave.

Herman my husband was in an electric wheelchair when his diabetes took both his legs. He would ride her around all day, either on his lap or on the foot plate. When Herman passed in 2009 she was so sad and missed her special friend. For a long time she sat on the deck looking through the railing waiting for him to come home. When she realized it was just the two of us now and that Herman wasn’t coming back she followed me around the house from room to room not letting me out of her sight.

We ate our dinner together and she would often sit at my feet under the kitchen table.

Princess was always a healthy dog until the last year of her life when she developed pneumonia. She recovered from her first bout with pneumonia but then had a relapse and it was the pneumonia that finally took her.

She was my best friend and companion for nine [9] wonderful years, and she will be missed by me and my family very much. Princess we know you are in Heaven with Herman; but we will miss you a lot.