Pet Insurance-Plan For The Unpredictable

It can happen in an instant: one minute you’re up and running, the next you’re limping in pain. Unfortunately, our furry friends are no different.Just like us, our pets get hurt or become ill unexpectedly — in fact, your pet has a 33% chance of needing unplanned veterinary care this year. With treatments rising in cost, it can really make a pet parent worry.But what if you could have a plan for the unpredictable?A Fairy Dogmother who could wave her wand and make the veterinary bills disappear? With Petplan pet insurance, you can! Petplan can pay up to 100% of those surprise veterinary expenses (we’re still working on the magic wand).
Doggyloot How does pet insurance work? You pick a policy to suit your budget; Petplan reimburses you for your vet bills. Every Petplan policy includes compete, easy-to-understand coverage with no hidden fees or complicated paperwork. Plus, you get the freedom to visit any vet in the U.S. and Canada. Petplan makes it easy to say YES to your vet when trouble strikes, without worrying about cost.
How much does veterinary care cost? Did you know that a pet’s upset stomach can cost you $533 at the vet? And the average cost to fix a common knee injury is nearly $2,500? Our decades of claims data shows that a pet parent is handed a veterinary bill for more than $3,000 about every six seconds!How would a costly veterinary treatment affect your budget? How would it affect your savings? Even if you can afford a $6,000 vet bill, you never know when hard times could be around the corner. Petplan provides protection for your pet and peace of mind for you.
How much could a policy cost? From as little as a dollar per day, Petplan can protect your pet your budget. Get a free no obligation quote at and see what Petplan can do for you.Here’s the best part: because you’re a Doggyloot member, Petplan will take 10% off your policy! Use code DOGGY10 Doggyloot
Why wait to enjoy complete peace of mind? Enroll today and coverage will begin at midnight tomorrow (before you can turn back into a pumpkin!).Warmest wags,Doggylootnatasha ashton
co-founder and co-ceo
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