Pet Sitting vs. Kennel

Why choose a pet sitter instead of dropping your pet off at a kennel? Kennels are for pets. Then again if your “pet” is more like your family [one of your children], then a kennel is not the place for them. If your pets are just like your children, and in most cases they are your children. They won’t like being put in an environment they don’t know.

Kennels aren’t bad places to use but your pets would much rather be at home in the comfort of their own environment and surroundings. Consider how much fun it is being cooped up in a crate that’s not even your own? Dogs can develop Kennel Cough {canine infectious tracheobronchitis} or often called Bordetella. Kennel cough is inflammation of the larynx [voice box] and trachea [windpipe]. Kennels and shelters often expose your dog to crowded and or less than properly ventilated conditions. Possible exposure to dust and or cigarette smoke or cold temperatures can also cause kennel cough.

So the alternative would be to call our pet sitting service Furs For Us Pet Sitting / Home Sitting Services and let us care for your pet in the comfort of your home.

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