Pet Tatoo Ban Becomes Reality in New York

 By Annette Babakhanie
This week, Andrew Mark Cuomo, New York’s governor, signed off on a law to ban pet tattoos and piercings in the state. The bill, which has been around for three years, states that people who disobey the law will potentially spend fifteen days in prison and pay a $250 fine.

The spark for the law, besides a recent trend in this type of activity, was a woman who pierced and tattooed kittens and sold them as “gothic kittens”. A more widely known catalyst to this movement is a tattoo artist named Mistah Metro, who tattooed his dog while she was sedated for a spleen surgery. He posted a photo to his Instagram profile and the internet went wild. People were outraged about what they felt was a cruel act. Metro deleted himself from social media after the post and its intense reaction.

Animals have no means of consenting to these potentially painful cosmetic procedures, and it is therefore cruel to force them into them. Animal activists are thrilled at the presence of this law, which will take effect in 120 days

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