PetSafe-Animal Deterrent Spray- SprayShield- Protect What You Love

Spray Shield is an effective, safe and humane way to deter aggressive animals.

When tested in a controlled situation, SprayShield’s unique formula proved to be highly effective in stopping an attacking dog.  Unlike other spray deterrants, SprayShield’s unique formula will not injure the user if accidentally “blown back” into the eyes.

SprayShield stops low/medium aggression

Is Humane and pain-free

Safe for people and pets

PetSafe – Protect, Teach, Love

Unique Citronella Formula

Highly Effective in Discouraging Agressive Animals

No Harmful Side Effects

Warning:  May not stop all animals! SprayShield is highly effective in stopping low to medium level aggression.  However, some dogs are so strongly motivated that no known spray deterrent is effective.  Physical restraint is the only way to stop an attack by these animals.



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