Photographs of Nesting Peregrines

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September 2015

Linda, a Peregrine Falcon. Photo: Luke Massey

Spectacular, Intimate Photos of Nesting Peregrines

When a pair of Peregrine Falcons nested in a flower box on the 28th-floor balcony of a Chicago condo, they couldn’t have known they’d spark a worldwide sensation. When news of the urban falcons spread to Europe, British photographer Luke Massey jumped on a plane to document the birds and their new brood. Amazing photography ensued. Read More→
Piping Plover

Banded Piping Plover in Joulter Cays National Park, Bahamas. (Photo: Walker Golder/Audubon)

A World-Class Victory for Piping Plovers

Five years ago we didn’t even know where most Piping Plovers went in the winter. As of last month, the most significant of those elusive wintering grounds are protected as Joulter Cays National Park! Following the 2011 discovery of the plovers’ subtropical hideaway, Audubon teamed with the Bahamas National Trust and the government of the Bahamas to ensure this critical habitat is protected for all of time. A huge victory for the endangered plovers. Read More→

Longshot, a Prothonotary Warbler tagged by Audubon South Carolina. (Photo: Joan Eckhardt)

Solving the Case of the Wandering Warbler

Meanwhile, Audubon scientists looking at the Prothonotary Warbler are wrestling with the same problem the plover folks faced. With warbler numbers dropping, little is known about where these electric-yellow songbirds overwinter. Thanks to advances in miniaturization, scientists have been able to strap minuscule tracking devices on 47 of these half-ounce migrants. Finally, the warblers, too, are giving up their winter secrets. Read More→

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Greater Sage-Grouse

Greater Sage-Grouse. (Photo: Ronan Donovan/Audubon Photography Awards)

Piping Plovers in Joulter Cays National Park, Bahamas. (Photo: Walker Golder/Audubon)

Action Alert

Speak Up for the Greater Sage-Grouse

Once an icon of the American West, the Greater Sage-Grouse has seen its population fall dramatically. But an alliance of state, federal and private interests is creating new hope for recovery. Tell them to stay the course.


Bird Quiz

Where in the World?

Migratory birds are a well-traveled bunch. Take our geo-quiz to see how much you know about where familiar birds spend the cold winter months.

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