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Taken from the Physicians Committee on Responsible Medicine, 5100 Wisconsin Avenue, N.W. Suite 400, Washington, DC 20016, – 202-686-2210  Introductory paragraph by Jean Furs

Mice burned alive in alcohol experiments! Help Stop This Abuse Now!

Certain things are right and certain things are just wrong.  Would most of my readers agree that it is wrong to burn any animal alive ;no matter what type of animal it is. No matter how well liked or how unpopular it is in society.  Animals have nerve endings and feel pain just as people do. They cry out in pain, they suffer, they have difficulty living in their own bodies without pain medication. If humans were sensitive enough to put themselves inside of the little creature that is experiencing this type of torture they would realize what is happening. What in the world is this University thinking, can they be this ignorant and unfeeling with no empathy for another living creature?

Loyola University in Chicago is using animals in horribly cruel experiments.  It’s forcing alcohol into their stomachs, then one “test” group is plunged into scalding water to create third-degree burns on their bodies.

After the animals are burned, many of their nerve endings are deadened, while the area around the burn is incredibly sensitive and painful.  Their immune systems can’t handle the overload of pain so their whole body goes into shock.  But that’s not the worse part.

These poor animals are kept alive for 24 hours with no pain relief… then they are killed.

Sheep and Monkeys have also fallen victim to such dead-end alcohol experiments

Loyola University is hoping you won’t care about these helpless animals because  “they’re just mice.” There are compassionate people who believe that no animal should suffer like this, even a mouse.  I’m sure you’ll agree- these horrific experiments must be stopped.

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine [PCRM] is launching an unprecedented effort to stop this and other types of cruel experiments and replace them with more effective, and cruelty – free research methods. 

Urge the National Institutes of Health [NIH] to only fund effective and cruelty – free research that is scientifically sound so animal never have to suffer like they are at Loyola University.

Please mail your donation to PCRM P.O. Box 96736, Washington, DC 20077-7541 or go on line to

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