Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine- Three Beagles Found Dead in Research Laboratory in Fort Collins Colorado

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine


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We recently learned that three beagles were found dead at a contract research laboratory in Fort Collins, Colo., that tests drugs and medical devices on animals. The facility—CARE Research—has been cited numerous times by federal inspectors for violations of the Animal Welfare Act.

The Physicians Committee is working to convince the laboratory to stop using dogs in cruel and scientifically flawed tests and we need your help. As you know, countless dogs and other animals are suffering in laboratories, but if CARE Research retires its beagles, a group that works with dogs released from laboratories will find homes for all 84 dogs currently owned by the laboratory—without expense to the company.

Using animals to understand drug activity in humans is poor science. In fact, 96 percent of animal-tested drugs fail in humans. Fortunately, there are a number of nonanimal methods available that CARE Research can build into its portfolio as it phases out the use of dogs for testing, including microdosing, microphysiological systems, human cell-based methods, and computational methods.

We want the laboratory to know that if it halts all future dog use and moves towards modern test methods we will find each dog a loving, forever home. Please ask Care Research to modernize their laboratory testing. Thank you for your support and compassion. Please donate.

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Kristie Sullivan, M.P.H.
Director, Regulatory Testing Issues

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