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Dear Jean,

Dr. Thomas Kahema is an angel. I wish you could meet him… see the miracles he makes happen… see the love he gives to every single animal he treats. Dr. Kahema is the Founder and Director of TAWESO in Tanzania, an unforgiving, vast, poverty-ravaged country. You would have to be here to truly understand how many dogs and cats need medical care. Hungry, injured, homeless animals are everywhere. The number is overwhelming. The suffering they endure is heartbreaking. And very few people care – the ones who do are too poor to help.

It would be easy to look away, to give up. But not Dr. Kahema. He journeys to the most isolated parts of the country to spay and neuter animals, to save their lives, to educate villagers. He asks for nothing in return. No payment. The only thing Dr. Kahema and his small team of volunteers want is the chance to do more. And that’s exactly what your $25 today will give them.

I just got back from visiting Dr. Kahema’s clinic. While I was with him he kept saying, “I can’t believe you’re here, SPCAI has helped TAWESO more than any other organization.” He wanted me to thank you, Jean, for all you have done for the forgotten animals of Tanzania.

On Saturday he gave free rabies vaccines to dogs and cats. Most people brought in “guard” dogs, not elevated to the status of pets. Every one had a homemade collar and leash made out of wire, rope, chains, and even plastic tie wraps. Dr. Kahema told me that it’s impossible for these poor people to get a real collar and leash for their dog.

Imagine the pain of rusty barbed-wire digging into your neck. Imagine an oozing, open wound. And then imagine the pain that comes from the infection. These injuries are so common, so painful for the dogs and could be so easily avoided. So today, on Dr. Kahema’s behalf, I am asking you to give $25 or more for a real collar and leash for one dog. And if you can find it in your heart to give $50, at least two dogs will get both a collar and a leash.

One simple act of kindness from you can end needless pain and suffering for a dog in a country where pain and suffering is already much too great. You will support Dr. Kahema as he passionately, tirelessly works every single day to save the animals of Tanzania. You will make a difference. And I thank you for that.

With urgency,

Meredith Ayan
Executive Director

P.S. You can see the photos of the puppy who had his open wound treated by Dr. Kahema. (The blue dye is the antiseptic.) The wound is from a homemade collar made out of old wire that tore the puppy’s neck. Sadly, his owner had to put the wire back around his neck to get him home. This happens over-and-over again because people are too poor to purchase something as simple as a real collar.

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