Protect Farm Animals Block Livestock Council Bill Before May 7th, 2014 Vote NO.

Connecticut: Farm Animals Need Your Help!
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CT H.B. 5416—An Act Establishing a Livestock Care Standards Advisory Council
  Joint Committee on Environment
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Action Needed:  
Urge your state legislators to oppose this harmful bill and ask House and Senate leadership not to call it for a vote. See action steps below!

Enacting laws to improve the lives of farm animals is difficult enough already, but it will become even more challenging in Connecticut if House Bill 5416, legislation to establish a Livestock Care Standards Advisory Council, is passed.

These councils exist to slow down—or stop—bills to advance the welfare of farm animals. The proposed Connecticut livestock council, which would be composed almost entirely of agribusiness representatives, would likely ensure a very tough road to passage for even sensible humane legislation supported by a majority of Connecticut residents.

H.B. 5416 could be voted on any day now in the House and then move quickly to the Senate.  With the legislative session coming to a close on Wednesday, May 7, it is critical that you contact your state representative and state senator now to express your opposition to this bad bill for farm animals.

What You Can Do
1. Place quick, polite phone calls to your state representative and senator in Hartford right away to urge them to oppose H.B. 5416, the bill to create a livestock council, and ask House and Senate leadership not to call H.B. 5416 for a vote. Find your Connecticut state legislators’ names and phone numbers here.

2. Then, using the form below, follow up your phone calls by sending an email to your state senator and representative.

Thank you, Connecticut!



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