Protect Horses From The Cruel Act of Soring

We told them to end the pain. Stop the suffering. We said that fear and cruelty have no place in decent society.
But until they listen—until our elected officials act—innocent, healthy horses will be tortured for sport.
Please donate now to help us stop the inhumane, unforgivable practice of soring horses.
It is not possible to overstate how cruel this practice is. What could possibly be worse than being tortured and injured and then forced to stand on your wounded legs? More inhumane treatment? Because these horses are often then subjected to beatings and shocks to force them to perform through the pain. For sport. IT MUST STOP NOW.


The PAST Act would strengthen enforcement and close loopholes to ensure these beautiful creatures’ suffering will stop.
Please stand with us now by making a donation to help stop this brutality.
Don’t wait for someone else to save our horses. That someone is us. It’s you.
Mike Markarian
Humane Society Legislative Fund
Photo courtesy of the Humane Society of the United States.

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