Protect Whales, Walrus, Dolphins, and Polar Bears from Drilling Threats

In the name of oil development, the government just made a decision to expose thousands of marine animals along the East Coast to harmful seismic blasting.¹

The Obama administration should be protecting our coasts and marine life, such as whales and dolphins, not adding more threats to their lives.

Bad choices like this make it more important than ever to push the administration in the RIGHT direction as it collects public comments regarding future oil drilling over the next several years.  The administration’s plan could impact the Arctic Ocean for years to come. 

Please submit a comment here to help us protect the sensitive ecosystem of the Arctic Ocean and its whales, walrus and polar bears from drilling threats!

The deadline is next Wednesday July 30th!

The last thing the Arctic needs is a triple whammy – oil spills (you know they’ll happen), blankets of heat-trapping soot on Arctic ice and melting icebergs that leave polar bears starving.

Please submit a comment today.

Leah Donahey
Arctic Ocean Campaign Director

¹ See Bureau of Ocean Energy Management website

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