Rainforests are Disappearing – Endangering Orangutans and McDonald’s could be to blame.

Taken from SierraRise – by Molly Brooksbank

The rainforests that endangered orangutans call home are quickly disappearing, and McDonald’s may be to blame.

One of the leading drivers of tropical deforestation is palm oil. At the current rate of deforestation, the Sumatran rainforest will disappear within twenty years, taking the 7,000 remaining Sumatran orangutans with it. As tropical forests are clear-cut to make way for palm oil plantations, the habitat available for endangered orangutans shrinks.

As a leader in the fast food industry, McDonald’s is one of the top ten largest users of palm oil in the world. While palm oil can be produced in ways that protect orangutans and the rainforest, McDonald’s has continued to use palm oil that could be wreaking havoc on our environment and orangutans’ homes.

Send a letter now to Michele Banik-Rake, McDonald’s Director of Sustainability, telling her to commit to sourcing palm oil that doesn’t contribute to deforestation and loss of orangutan habitat. Just substitute your name and address and submit letter to McDonald’s Director – thank you for your support.

Just thirty years ago Sumatra and Borneo, the homes of the only two populations of orangutans, were filled with rainforests and wildlife. Now more than half of these great forests have been felled, and plans are already in place to convert 70% of what remains into plantations.

McDonald’s palm oil policy commits the mega-corporation to 100% Verified as Supporting Sustainable Production palm oil by 2020. That sounds good, right? However, the use of so-called “sustainable” oil does not ensure that orangutans or their tropical forest homes are protected.

McDonald’s claims to be committed to using food that “originate[s] from sustainably managed land,” but the truth is their palm oil policy is irresponsible and puts endangered orangutans at risk.

Protect orangutans from deforestation by sending your letter to McDonald’s Director of Sustainability now!

The good news is that by demanding McDonald’s do better, we can make a huge difference for orangutans. Last year, Dunkin’ Donuts responded to public outcry from consumers who spoke out against deforestation by committing to buy only responsible palm oil. The very next day their competitor, Krispy Kreme, responded by doing the same.

Your email to McDonald’s, the world’s largest fast food company, has the potential not only to ensure that McDonald’s is protecting orangutans, but also to set the standard for the rest of the fast food industry. Last year, you got Google, Facebook and eBay to drop their membership in ALEC and pressured Walmart to announce increased investments in solar energy. Now it’s time to hold McDonald’s accountable and speak out to protect the dwindling orangutan population!

Take action now to save orangutans by telling McDonald’s to commit to 100% deforestation-free palm oil today!

In it together,

Molly Brooksbank

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