Rare Variety of Geese Arriving in North-Central Connecticut

Taken from the Waterbury Republican-American January 25, 2016 by Greg Hanisek


Rare Variety of Geese Provide Festive Event

With all the honking, flapping and splashing, a couple of observers were moved to coin a term. Goose-A-Palooza.

Connecticut has had an amazing stretch of rare geese arriving at ponds in the north-central part of the state. Fisher Meadows in Avon has been hosting a pink-footed goose, a Eurasian species, since mid-November, but the real action has been at Broad Brook Mill Pond in East Windsor, a bit northeast of Hartford on the east side of the Connecticut River.

A second pink-footed goose showed up there in late December, where it joined a snow goose, one or more cackling geese, a short visit by three barnacle geese and a group of up to four greater white-fronted geese.

That pretty much covers all the rare geese ever seen in Connecticut. The one missing piece, a Ross’s goose, showed up last weekend at Broad Brook and inspired the concept of Goose-A-Palooza.

The Ross’s, a bird of the American West [most of the other rarities arrive here via Greenland], was found on Friday.

It was only the third one ever seen in Connecticut, and on Saturday a large contingent of birders descended on Broad Brook for a look. The Ross’s, a small version of the snow goose, cooperated early but eventually flew off with more than a thousand Canada geese.

A search eventually located it with a lot of Canadas in a field in nearby Ellington.  Many electronically connected birders moved to the site and soon found in the same field white-fronted, pink-footed and cackling geese along with charismatic little white one.

Nothing like this has ever happened in Connecticut or maybe anywhere else either.

It was so remarkable it deserved a memorable handle. Goose-A-Palooza.


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