Refuge from Cruel Trapping Act – [H.R. 2016/S.1081] – For Dog Owners & Wildlife Lovers

Taken from Born Free USA, P.O. Box 96687 Washington, DC 20090-6687, Adam M. Roberts Chief Executive Officer, 800-348-7387

Introduction by Jean Furs: I’m posting this because many people are unaware of the dangers lurking often close to home off the path where you walk your dog. Most importantly for those dog owners that let their dogs off leash while running in the woods here is what could happen to your innocent pet. Think twice before letting your beloved family pet off leash.


Every year, countless cats, dogs, even children and endangered species – are caught in traps set to fuel the fur trade, to snare “nuisance wildlife,” or believe it or not, just for sport.

We at Born Free USA get the heartbreaking calls far too often about the senseless killing and maiming that happens on a daily basis.

As they bring brutal torture and death to innocent life, these traps cannot distinguish between a family pet and a “targeted animals.”

The story of a woman Kimberly that took her dog Scooter, for a daily walk in Locke Avenue Park in Woolwich Township, New Jersey.  The long path and wide, open fields in this Gloucester County park were often used as a place for residents to walk their dogs.

Kimberly took her twelve [12] year old Brittany Spaniel out for exercise, as he suffered from respiratory issues after a heat stroke limited his ability to breathe warmer air.  Scooter was happily sniffing for rabbits, neighbor dogs, and whatever else his nose could investigate.

Scooter had been out of Kimberly’s sight for a few seconds when she received the heartbreaking news that no dog owner ever wants to hear.

A man walking the same path found Scooter strangled to death by a snare trap just a few feet off the path.

Kimberly told Born Free USA that she wants to make sure this never happens again to any pet owner.

People not only set traps in neighborhoods and public places where pets and kids play, but they place these murderous machines in areas designated as national wildlife refuges!

The National Wildlife Refuge System encompasses millions of acres of land, home to a remarkably diverse collection of fish and wildlife habitats.

Harboring 240 endangered species, these refuges are set aside with the stated  mission to conserve, manage, and restore wildlife. Yet, trapping is allowed in more than half of them today.

What a tragedy! Conibear traps, snares, steel-jaw leghold traps-banned or severely restricted in more than 80 countries nd eight states- are permitted in many national wildlife refuges.

Instead of being areas of safety, these sacred places have been transformed into killing fields. The most barbaric implements of trapping and slaughter are sanctioned.  Even bald eagles and of imperiled species have been found in snares.

We need your help. Right now, we’re urgently at work backing U.S. Representative Nita Lowey’s bill, the Refuge from Cruel Trapping Act [H.R. 2016/S.1081] which would outlaw all body-gripping traps within the National Wildlife Refuge System.

We are urging Congress to enact stronger trapping regulations.

Steel-jaw leghold traps are the most commonly used traps in the United States. Animals caught in these traps are so desperate to escape that they often gnaw off their own limbs to get free.

Death comes only after days of suffering-after starvation, dehydration, slow strangulation, infection, even predation!

We need to make sure that a refuge is a safe haven for this country’s precious wildlife heritage.

Even People Fall Victim to these indiscriminate, Barbaric Devices!

Last year 2015, Henry and his 65 pound husky/collie mix, Smoakie, were both caught in traps in Geneva, IL. Smoakie nearly choked to death from a lasso-like steel snare trap set about 30-yards into the woods behind a building.

“There was no was to get it off,” recalled Henry, who called 911 for help.  Police and firefighters were forced to cut the trap from the tree to which it was anchored so they could free Smoakie.

Later that afternoon, Henry decided to go back into the woods to leave a note on the tree for the trapper that said: “Your trap almost killed my dog. Please get rid of your traps!.

On his way out of the woods, Henry saw something shiny, like an old coin on the ground, and was about to pick it up, when a rusty metal claw trap sprung on his foot.

He learned that the snare trap was not the only dangerous trap hiding in his dog’s favorite woods that day. Henry said: “If I didn’t have a cell phone and a hammer, I don’t think I would have got out of there.”

There are aquatic versions of these barbaric traps, as well Muskrats, otters, beavers, and mink caught in these traps drown miserably. It can take as long as twenty [20] minutes.

Born Free USA advocates for the protection of animals from cruelty and suffering, using tools that work.

  • Promoting public policy change by working with elected officials in city, councils, state legislatures, and Congress;
  • Demanding that federal agencies enforce existing protections.
  • Activating our nationwide team of grassroots activists at the community level;
  • Educating retailers and consumers about compassionate fur-free fashion; or
  • Using our position as a major media resource to focus national attention on the barbaric truth about the fur trade and cruel traps.

No matter what animal is caught, traps mean suffering, needless, avoidable suffering. No animal should have to suffer like this.  


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