Removal of Gray Wolves from Endangered Species Act Protections

From: Sierra Club

“Imagine that, little by little, your home was taken away from you. The forest and mountains where you once roamed freely disappeared, replaced by roads and concrete buildings.

What if politicians in suits, someplace far away, decided your fate… decided that you, your family, your friends, and neighbors had become a nuisance-a menace-to those who had invaded your home, the forest? And so you must die. Imagine ignoring what science has told them, encouraging citizens to hunt you down and kill you. Imagine your family under attack. Defenseless, with nowhere left to hide, you dodge bullets from the ground and sky, just to find food for yourself and your young children. Imagine that, in one of these public hunts, you watched your offspring die.” I am the gray wolf and I know the terror that we face every day and why we so desperately need your help.”

“After all you, and your fellow humans are the only ones who can save us.  Our fate is in your hands. So I hope you will answer this cry for help. You are the only ones that can help and time is running out.”

“More than 1,700 wolves have been brutally killed since Congress took away some ESA protections in 2011. I urge you to protect America’s gray wolves that are just coming back from the brink of eradication.”

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