Sam Simon Creator of Simpsons Has Vowed to Donate All His Fortune to Benefit Animals

Simpsons Creator Creates Hope for Animals Everywhere

By Annette Babakhanie

on 11/20/2014 – 10:15 pm

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Sam Simon created one of the most popular television shows of all time. He is the co-creator and executive producer of The Simpsons. He recently found out he had terminal colon cancer. Simon, a positive and giving person, chose to make the most out of his battle, a battle that he says is, “the most amazing experience of my life”.

Simon never married or had children but felt a deep connection to the animal kingdom. He joined PETA and also created his own organization, the Sam Simon Foundation, which trains hearing dogs to aid the deaf. He has always cared for and helped animals, but his current situation has been a huge booster to his already enormously generous spirit.

Since his diagnosis, Sam Simon has vowed to donate all his fortune to benefit animals. He is donating around one hundred million dollars to animal foundations. It gives him hope and something to look forward to, and produces fast results to provide animal victories worldwide.

Simon is a truly incredible man, who says he’s never been happier. We’re certainly grateful for his example.

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