Save A Life At The Waterbury Connecticut Dog Pound

Information provided from: The Sunday Republican June 22, 2014

Safe A Life-Adopt A Pet.  The Waterbury Dog Pound at 200 Municipal Road, Waterbury, CT often has adoption hours on Saturdays. Please Call 203-574-6909 for informaton on hours and available dogs or visit The Facebook Page Waterbury Dog Pound to see available dogs and get updates.

If you love animals, have the ability to care for another living thing besides yourself consider helping an animal get a home.  If you are able to feed another mouth, provide shelter and medical care to an animal than please apply.  If you aren’t serious about caring for a dog or cat that is orphaned or homeless please do not apply otherwise your home would only be another temporary home for the animal you took in. Shelters and adoption agencies are looking for homes where people take animals seriously and plan on keeping animals until the end of their lives or yours. No one wants these same animals to end up back on the streets again when people get tired of them.  Do some serioius thinking and remember dogs and cats have feelings and needs too. Don’t make a spontaneous decision about taking in a pet; but rather a well thought out one so that neither one of you will suffer the effects of not thinking about the decision you made.

Thank you again if you are planning on calling the above number to get information on saving a life.

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