Sea Lion Pups Starving on Coast of California – Not Enough Food

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This photo is enough to break your heart. And to be honest this message was hard for me to write.

There’s a sea lion starvation crisis going on right now off the coast of California. Hundreds of emaciated pups, some just newborn babies, are washing to shore. Most will die.

This crisis will continue unless we can win key protections for our oceans and the fish sea lions rely on for food. I’m asking for your help because right now you have a unique opportunity make a special impact. A generous donor has agreed to match every donation, dollar for dollar, up to $50,000. Donate now to have your gift go twice as far to protect our oceans >>

Sea lion starvation crisis
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The pacific sardine population has plummeted by roughly 90 percent over the last decade. As this high-fat, high-calorie fish has become harder to come by, nursing sea lion mothers have struggled to find enough fish to feed their nursing pups.

There simply are not enough fish for these pups to survive. If we’re going to help sea lions, we need to bring fish like sardines back from the brink.

With the support of people like you, Oceana has been on the front lines successfully pushing for policies to curb irresponsible fishery management and restore our oceans. Just last year, we succeeded in closing the Pacific sardine fishery off the U.S. west coast by emergency action, a desperately needed first step in helping the area’s forage fish population recover. Fishery managers just voted to close the fishery for another year.

But unless we do more to restore our oceans’ health and abundance, vulnerable baby sea lions will continue to die. That’s why this matching gift opportunity is so important. Will you help?

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Thank you for standing with us in this important fight.

Lauren ParksFor the oceans,
Lauren Parks
Director of Digital Engagement

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