Shell Oil Headed to Arctic Now – Help Sierra Club

 From The Sierra Club

BREAKING: Shell Oil headed to Arctic NOW

bowhead whale NOAA
Photo by Corey Accardo, Alaska Fisheries Science Center,
NOAA Fisheries Service 

Shell is all set to drill in the Arctic—in fact, it’s moving a huge oil rig from Seattle to the Arctic right now.

Scientists know that there’s a 75% chance of an oil spill once Shell starts drilling. And just one spill could irreversibly ruin the Arctic, our planet’s last untouched wilderness area, where the extreme, frigid climate would make oil spill clean-up virtually impossible.

And what’s more? The noise from Shell’s sonic drills will deafen thousands of endangered bowhead whales, gray whales, and ringed seals, sentencing them to death.

We’re going to fight, tooth and nail to save our land and oceans, and every dollar strengthens our campaign. Make an urgent gift today to support our citizen-based lobbying efforts to save our most treasured landscapes, and all threatened wildlife and wild places

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