Signals That Will Make Your Dog Happier, Calmer, and More Confident



The Dog Training Breakthrough That Needs No Words!

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The Dog Training Breakthrough That Needs No Words!
Discover the “signals” that will make your dog happier, calmer, and more confident.
Dogs have a language all their own. It’s not a language you hear. It’s a language you see. It’s a language you can learn. And when you do, you will gain a positive training tool that will foster better behavior and enrich the bond you share.
An enlightening new book not only reveals this language, but translates it into practical techniques you can use with dogs of any breed, age, or temperament.
On Talking Terms with Dogs: Calming Signals will give you unprecedented awareness of the body language dogs employ to avoid conflict, invite play, and communicate a range of information to other dogs – and to you.
Dogs use these signals – from head turning to a paw lift – to convey goodwill, to defuse threats, and to calm themselves. The book will show you how, by adapting and mirroring these same signals, you can improve obedience, build your dog’s confidence, and make training less stressful for your dog – and you!
You will learn…about the calming signal puppies use from birth…when tail wagging is not a sign of happiness…how to quietly stop a dog from jumping up…fifteen common causes of canine stress…the best signal to use if you meet an aggressive dog.
Don’t miss out. Order your copy of On Talking Terms with Dogs: Calming Signals today.
Nancy Kerns, Editor
Whole Dog Journal

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