Southington Connecticut’s Bird Sanctuary – Jane Neville-President

By Jane Neville-President of Mount Vernon Songbird Sanctuary, Inc. 1024 Mount Vernon Road – Southington, CT 06489 (860)681-1190 website:

Mount Vernon Songbird Sanctuary is a private non-profit organization, founded and run by Jayne Neville. The non-profit owns and protects 4.5 acres of beautiful songbird habitat on Mount Vernon Road.  The Sanctuary has a rehabilitation area with a small building and three flight cages, a pavillion with attached chimney providing a nesting site for declining chimney swifts and barn swallows, along with extensive gardens, natural areas with native plants, a pond, feeding station with waterfall, and wooded, open and early successional habitat.

The Sanctuary attracts and supports many nesting species of birds including, chimney swifts, eastern bluebirds, tree swallows, ruby-throated hummingbirds, cedar waxwings, baltimore orioles, rose-breasted grosbeaks, gray catbirds, northern mockingbirds, flycathers {including eastern phoebe and eastern wood peewee}, whip-poor-will, warblers, woodpeckers, wrens, red-winged blackbirds, and many more. 

In addition the Sanctuary maintains approximately 30 eastern bluebird boxes on private land along Mount Vernon Road.

The average cost to operate is approximately $25,000 annually and supported entirely by donations.  A major expense for the Sanctuary is the live insects made available to visiting and nesting birds such as eastern bluebirds.  They are also the main diet for most of the birds here for rehabilititation.  One tiny songbird can eat 100 live insects a day! The Sanctuary currently feeds 20,000 live mealworms a week!  They also provide a minimum of 50 pounds of sunflower seeds a week using only the shelless sunflower seeds so any bird can take advantage of the high protein food.  The Sanctuary has bluebirds, robins, catbird, mockingbirds and more who visit the feeder in addition to seed eating favorites like cardinals, finches, titmice and chickadees.

Jayne Neville is a realtor for Coldwell Banker by trade but finds her passion in wildlife.  She is the founder and president of Mount Vernon Songbird Sanctuary [formerly The Recovery Wing] in Southington CT, focusing on the conservation and preservation of their habitat.  Jayne has cared for several thousand birds with her expertise focusing on birds with specialized foraging methods and housing needs along with birds listed in CT GCN list of greatest conservation needs Jayne has taught The Basics of Songbird Rehabilitation for the State of Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection exam and training seminar for new rehabilitators.  She also teaches wildlife rehabilitators in and out of the country. She is past President of Connecticut Wildlife Association and has been rehabilitating songbirds since 1997.  Jayne provides an educational program to like minded clubs and organizations around CT called Supporting CTs migratory songbirds through rehabilitation, reducing negative impacts and bird scaping.  She is available for speaking engagements and can be reached at 860-681-1190. “When I am asked what is my favorite bird to care for I reply whatever bird is in my hand at the time! I have what people in the wildlife community call bird savvy along with an incredible passion for helping songbirds.  It doesn’t get any better for me than watching a bird that came in badly injured or sick fly away, returning back to the greatest gift in the world, flying free!”

Jayne maintains her State of Connecticut and U.S. fish and wildlife permits and licenses on her own.  All donations go entirely toward the nurture, care and feeding of birds.

To learn more about The Santuary you can visit the website at To make a donation you can donate online at the website or mail your donation to: MVSS, 1024 Mount Vernon Road, Southington, CT 0648

Thank you for your generous support.

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