You can take their pain away


Rudi, Bamm, and Wacku. Three dogs in agonizing pain… In desperate need of the emergency care, medication, and the antibiotics that will keep them from dying.

But there’s none to be found. They live in places that are so poor that veterinary medication are almost impossible to find – especially for a street dog. And so dogs like this will suffer until they die. That is the sad, awful truth.

But there is hopegreat hopeYOU can help them today. Right now. But it’s your final chance. So please don’t wait.

We can secure medications at very little cost which allows your donation to have 10 times the impact! Your $25will be come $250 worth of antibiotics for dogs and cats. Your $50 donation will allow us to deliver a $500 supply of pain medications to stop their suffering.

We have partner clinics on almost every continent. They take in horribly injured stray animals. The veterinarians are heroes – they work tirelessly. Their only desire is to treat and save these beautiful creatures. They are desperately waiting for the lifesaving supplies that your donation today will give them.

Rudi’s leg was torn-off when he was hit by a train. Bamm’s ears are raw and bleeding and infected with mites. And Wacku’s nose was chopped-off by a machete-wielding maniac.

It is up to you and me, to send the pain medication and antibiotics that they need to survive.

Your $25 means antibiotics for animals with gaping wounds and raw skin. Your $50 donation means pain meds for a dog with broken bones. And any amount, no matter how small, means sutures for a cat in need of a life-changing surgery. You can save their lives.

Every single dollar you give today will have 10 times the impact! Together we can make such a difference.

Please give right now to help us RUSH veterinary supplies to animals in need.


Meredith Ayan
Executive Director

P.S. Don’t miss the opportunity to turn your $25 into $250 or your $50 into $500! There is only 48 hours left to get these stray animals the medicines they need to stop their suffering and help them heal.

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