Stop Alaska’s Iconic Species From Being Killed – Oppose Amendment # 11

Alaska’s iconic species are at risk.
Ask your representative to oppose amendment 11 to the House Interior and Environment
Appropriations bill.
An amendment to a federal bill could put grizzly bears, wolves, and other wildlife on more than 96 million acres of taxpayer-funded land at risk.

Amendment #11 to the House Interior Appropriations bill would block professional scientists from finalizing rules aimed at protecting animals from the most inhumane and unsporting hunting methods on National Wildlife Refuges and National Park Service lands in Alaska. The amendment would clear the way for spotting and chasing grizzly bears from planes and then shooting them and also allowing people to go into wolf dens and shoot pups on national wildlife refuges and national parks — activities inconceivable anywhere, but especially on the most important federally protected lands.

Please make a quick call to the office of your U.S. Representative right away and urge opposition to this dangerous amendment. You can simply say, “As a constituent, I am urging my representative to please protect Alaska’s wildlife by opposing Representative Don Young’s amendment #11 to the House Interior Appropriations bill.”

Politicians in Congress should not tie the hands of professional scientists and block them from doing away with these terribly cruel and unnecessary practices on Alaska’s federal lands. After you call, please send a quick follow-up message.

Thank you for all you that you do for animals,

Mike Markarian
Humane Society Legislative Fund

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