Stop the Animal Cruelty and Madness of Factory Farming

We are World Animal Protection. We were known as WSPA (World Society for the Protection of Animals)
Caged hens spend their lives crammed into wire cages where they cannot run or even fully stretch their wings. Credit: Hector Delgado


Help end the cruel treatment of industrially farmed animals

I’m sure you’ve heard about the horrors of farm animals reared in pens and cages that are so tight that they can’t even turn around. Each year, 40 billion farm animals suffer around the world in cramped spaces that keep them confined with little room for movement.

Egg-laying hens are subject to some of the worst farming practices. Right now, more than 300 million hens in the US and Canada are living lives of pain and suffering. Between 6 to 8 hens are commonly crammed into a cage so small that each hen has less living space than the size of an iPad – imagine being 1 of 10 people trapped in an elevator and spending the rest of your life in that confined space. The cages severely restrict hen movement to the point where hens cannot even fully stretch or flap their wings and they are not able to express a range of natural behaviors such as dust bathing. The wire floor of the crowded cage is uncomfortable to stand on and can cause painful foot injuries.

World Animal Protection is committed to changing this. We’re working tirelessly to convince major corporations to free more than 15 million hens before 2020.

And with the help and support of good and caring folks like you, we’ve made real progress – several of the nation’s biggest corporations have pledged to stop selling battery-cage eggs and to source only cage-free eggs. These companies include Nestlé, General Mills, Panera and others. But there’s still so much more to do and millions more hens to protect.

Alarmingly, of the millions of hens farmed to provide eggs in the US, less than 6% live in cage-free facilities. In 2016, we need to recommit ourselves to take action for hens.


In conventional farming systems, female pigs (sows) are kept in completely barren crates where they can barely move.

Female pigs (sows) are subjected to some of the worst conditions you can imagine. A pregnant sow will spend months confined in a gestation crate. Hard metal bars keep her in a space so small she can’t turn around. The prolonged confinement means that she won’t be able to walk for months. As a result, her muscles will grow weak and start to waste, leading to painful joint problems and lameness.

Sows also develop abnormal behaviors as a way to cope with their barren environment, where they have little opportunity to express natural behaviors. Sows repetitively chew metal bars of their crate in frustration as they cannot root, forage and explore as they would if given a chance. They can also develop painful shoulder sores as a result of constant rubbing against the metal bars – another behavior that develops in the face of frustration and boredom.

You can help end the suffering of farm animals today.

All farm animals are sentient – they are emotional, social and intelligent. Systems that don’t rely on close confinement offer an opportunity for a good life. One that they deserve.

Your donation could protect hens, pigs and other factory farmed animals:

$38 could help 10 hens live healthier lives and help us free them from cages.
$64 could help fund humane farming for 2,000 cows.
$100 could give sows the chance to exercise their natural behavior by helping improve intensive farming conditions.

Your donation could help protect animals by motivating producers to move away from the use of gestation crates, battery-cages and other confined systems. As you read this, we are working with companies to improve the lives of animals, promoting higher welfare alternatives and catalyzing positive change for farmed animals globally. Please make your donation today.

Thank you for sharing our vision of a world where animals live free from suffering.


Priscilla Ma
U.S. Executive Director
World Animal Protection 

We are World Animal Protection
We end the needless suffering of animals
We influence decision makers to put animals on the global agenda
We help the world see how important animals are to all of us
We inspire people to change animals’ lives for the better
We move the world to protect animalsWe were known as WSPA (World Society for the Protection of Animals)
World animal protection

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